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Smart technology

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A Modern Home In the Heart of Bratislava.

Schöndorf Hostel is a state of the art, fully autonomous, self check-in Hostel right in the heart of Bratislava’s Old Town. Stripped of all tedious reception based procedures, we decided to build Schöndorf Hostel around an intelligent system, which allows you to be in charge of all formalities, comfortably and at your own convenience.

Upon arrival – Instead of a reception you get a spacious comfy common room to either use our designated tablets, or your own smartphone to go through the intuitive self check-in.

All you need is your 4-digit PIN code. 



Tons of light and privacy.

You can choose from 3 (believe it or not) private dormitories – 6 bed or 8 bed rooms on the second floor, and yet more private 3 double rooms and one 4 bed room on the third floor.

The dormitories are definitely something else – albeit offering accommodation to 6-8 people, nobody gets in each others way. With electricity and lights within the bed itself,  you can just shut your bed’s curtain, take care of some last minute emails and completely zone out to get fully rested. If dormitories can be peaceful – it’s these.

Rooms on the third floor extend the private aspect of the dormitories to yet another level. Each of the rooms is furnished as homely as it gets and it’s almost natural to forget you’re actually staying at a hostel.


As convenient as it gets.

Obchodna is one of the most vibrant streets in Bratislava with a truly unique and rich history. Our Hostel is located in one of the oldest and most preserved buildings on the street. Being located right in the historic center or Bratislava’s Old Town, you can just wander around and find yourself in a kickin’ sightseeing tour within 5 minutes – regardless whether you go the the Castle or to the river Danube, or anywhere in between.

Our Hostel is also part of something much bigger – a vital part of the Schöndorf Complex located at Obchodna Street 48. One building where you can do everything from clubbing in Radosť Music Club in the basement, chilling at Schöndorf Biocafe or Quinsboro Bistro, to staying for as long as you’d like to at the Schöndorf Hostel. We’re currently working on adding a spacious Co-Work space and a large underground Gym.


Smart rooms

Manage your room’s ambience with your device.

Self check-in

No reception based hassle. 

No keys

You can get anywhere with your booking PIN code.

Business level WiFi

Take care of your work on the go. 

Spacious terrace

Kick back and enjoy a summer evening with your travel buddies.

Food outsourced

Schöndorf Biocafe, Quinsboro Bistro are right down the stairs.


How do I book a room?

Solely through or


It the middle of the night and I just arrived, what do I do?

Have you completed the online Check-In before 22:00? Sure you did! You must have received then your 4-digit PIN code with your room info (check your email, Airbnb or message). Just type the code into the keyboard followed by the # on the front gate and in you go. The same thing on the second gate on your left, up the stairs and here you are! Welcome to Schoendorf Hoste

No reception?

Nope, we stripped Schöndorf Hostel of all tedious reception based procedures, built it around an intelligent system, which allows you to be in charge of all formalities, comfortably and at your own convenience.

Upon arrival – Instead of a reception you get a spacious comfy common room to either use our prepared tablets, or your own smartphone to go through the intuitive self check-in. All you need is your / generated 4-digit passcode.

From there on you get to go to either one of our dormitories on the first floor, or double/triple rooms on the second floor, whichever you chose to reserve.

Once in your room,  you can control everything, even the lights and the AC with you own smartphone.

What if I don’t get technology?

You can always contact us at or
+421 948 437 397, or use our secondary reception at Schöndorf Biocafe and while at it, have a coffee.

Is there any public luggage storage?

Luggage storage in Bratislava

If you are going to Bratislava to visit and do not want to haul your luggage (oh yes, we know very well how it can ruin the trip experience!), use the services of luggage storage in Bratislava.

Remember, in most cases, a luggage must meet certain conditions, such as being easily portable, it could not cause an injury or damage to other stored items.

Main train station Hlavna stanica

The luggage storage is open every day from 6:15 am to 7:30 pm with some short breaks during the day. Price depends on the type of luggage and weight (less or more than 15 kgs). Discounts are available when an item needs to be stored longer than a day. Be careful, if you lose your depository ticket, you can be charged a penalty.

Up-to-date information on opening hours or prices are available here. You can read more about the main train station also in our article.

Central bus station Mlynske Nivy

The bus station Nivy underwent extensive renovations, during which the luggage storage service was not forgotten. They are free lockers available located in the -1 floor close to the cash desks. Note that lockers can be used just for short-term storage as all lockers are automatically unlocked every day at midnight.

Train station Bratislava Petrzalka

A luggage storage service used to be available there, however it is currently closed.

Bratislava Airport

No luggage storage service is available at the BTS airport due to airport policy and security issues.

Other options

In addition to the luggage storages mentioned above, there is e.g. Radical Storage service, a world-wide storage luggage network, which offers services at several locations in Bratislava, especially close to the Bratislava city center. The price is €5 per day and per bag and online reservation is mandatory in advance. More information about this service can be found here.


How does the public transport in Bratislava works?

All necessary information about public transport in Bratislava can be found on
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